Eye View - Rechargeable Wi-Fi Camera

Eye View - Rechargeable Wi-Fi Camera

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This unit has been replaced with the 3206

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The Farmscan Eye View Pro is the perfect rechargeable Wi-Fi to mobile device camera system designed to assist anyone with troubles backing up, hitching a trailer or simply monitoring traffic behind you while pulling farm machinery. The uses are endless! This unit also replaces the V1 Eye View.

Download the FREE camera app to your mobile device, search for the camera on your wifi settings, connect and view. - Easy as that.

The Farmscan Eye View camera comes with a magnetic mount, recharge cable and internal battery to last 13hrs. Simply charge the camera via a cigarette socket or USB the same way you charge your phone.

If you are looking for a more permanent 12v solution, please review our 3205-IP rugged camera.

Multiple users can also view the camera through the Eye View APP.

Typical applications

  • Great for Caravaner and campers
  • Horse trailer/float owners
  • Great for reversing trailers and hitching
  • View oncoming vehicles when transporting farm machinery
  • Makes viewing inside field bins while filling easier
  • Endless possibilites


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