Wi-Fi Rugged Camera - With IR Light

Wi-Fi Rugged Camera - With IR Light

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  • The Farmscan Rugged Wifi IP camera is our Wifi to mobile camera system. It's designed to be a more permanent solution compared to our portable device. Use a single camera to mobile device or add multiple cameras by creating your own "network" by using our Wi-Fi hotspot options.
  • Complimenting our existing Wi-Fi Camera, the rugged device is powered by 12v and can easily be installed where conventional wired cameras are used. - Even use around your house or sheds. - The uses are endless! Cameras can be viewed on your mobile and tablet devices. Apple or Android - works great either way!
  • Typical applications

  • Great for Caravaner and campers
  • Horse trailer/float owners
  • Great for reversing trailers and hitching
  • View oncoming vehicles when transporting farm machinery
  • Multiple cameras can be added to a "Network" - Add the Wi-Fi Router on checkout or bring your own - PC-Pocket-TR
  • Add a 3G HotSpot and enable the remote viewing option ! 
  • Add this camera to your Intelligent Ag Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor system - One less screen in the cab!
  • Use around the home or shed

  • Multiple Cameras

  • Want to add more than one camera? - No Problems.
  • Purchase the additional cigarette socket & USB powered "Pocket Wi-Fi Router" PC-Pocket-TR and add up to 10 cameras to create a network for your vehicle. (You can also add each camera individually however you will need to Wi-Fi search each time you wish to connect). BYO Personal HotSpot is also supported. (i.e. Telstra/Optus/Vodafone device). Also available is our Higher Powered Wi-Fi Router PLUS. - The PLUS version allows for better reception when longer distances required (over 30m)
  • Great Add-On to the Wireless Blockage Monitor

  • Do you own a Wireless Blockage Monitor? - The one on the iPad?
  • GREAT! - Just add the cameras to the existing "IAS Blockage" network, (The white TP-Link is your router) Open the camera APP and get viewing. The IAS Blockage APP will still alert you to blockages even if you are not in the APP. Just double tap your home button to swap between to the two. FREE & PAID App's are available.
  • Need a Wi-Fi Router?

  • Add one on at checkout, PC-Pocket-TR as described above. Both options are easy too install and setup takes less than 10 minutes!
  • What's the difference between the FREE & PAID Apps?

  • FREE App The Free app allows you to easily Add/Manage/View & Configure your Rugged Wifi IP Camera. It allows for a simple view of each camera. Select & View. This App is an essential tool.
  • PAID App The Paid allows for live streaming of each camera on one screen. The app comes in two versions.
  • One with ads (free) and by upgrading you can remove the ads.
  • This app requires you to manually add each camera. But don't worry, Instruction guides are provided with each camera and an easy Youtube video are also available. (Takes less the 2mins to add the camera to the app) NB : When connecting multiple camera a Wi-Fi router is required. 

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