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The Jackal is a compact, robust multifunctional monitor & basic spray controller that adapts onto any machine.

Performing simultaneous tasks, recording trips and alarm outputs the Jackal is a truly outstanding device that every farming operation should have.

Purchase Options include the following : 

  • Jackal-Monitor (No Sensors)
    • Jackal Monitor
    • 5m power cable
    • Suction mount bracket
    • Green/Grey connection plugs
    • Screwdriver

  • Jackal-Area (Kit)
    • As above, plus
    • AA-117 (Shaft magnet & clamp)
    • AA-133 (Wheel nut magnet)
    • AC-300/1 (5m extension cable down to sensor)
    • AA-2011P (Proximity sensor pickup)

  • Jackal-Tach (Kit)
    • As above, minus the AA-133 (Wheel nut magnet)

NB : More purchasing options are available, and you can add additional kits. If you are unsure, please give us a call (08) 6102 3200 or use the contact us form.

Check out the possibilities in the section below


The Jackal is a master of disguise – a compact & robust monitor that adapts onto almost any machine or implement. It is designed as a multi-functional monitor, capable of many simultaneous tasks.

What can the Jackal do?

AREA/Speed Meter

Ground Speed & Hectare Measurement


Add a Flow Meter to the Batch function. Easy tank fill


Bin or Tank Level Sensor – Liquid or Solid


Add a Depth indicator to your seeding operation


Shaft or Spinner speed


Order the Controller version for 3 section spray rate control or batch control

3 Section Spray Control also available!

The Jackal 3 section spray controller offers great flexibility and is simple to operate. Suitable for all sprayers, the Jackal Spray Controller integrates with your existing motorised or solenoid valves to provide fully automatic spray control.


Simple Count function per pulse


GPS versus Ground Speed


Add a Flow Meter (L/Min) or shaft sensor (kg/Ha) plus Ground Speed (km/hr)


Add a Flow Meter (L/Min)


Add a Flow Meter (L/Min)


Engine/Oil Temperature

Functions & Features Include

Inbuilt Wizard

Easy wizards for fast setup of Area & speed Meter, Tacho Meter, Flowmeter, Slippage Meter, Spray Controller & Generic Wizard.

3 Line Display

1UP, 2UP or 3UP line display – Your choice of up to 3 lines per screen (page)

Custom Names

Ability to short name each port. i.e. label Shaft 1 as SF1.

Multiple Functions

The Jackal is capable of monitoring and controlling 6 functions simultaneously. Quickly enable/disable ports without losing settings for next time usage.


Set high & low alarm points for each input.


There are multiple trip counters as well as an overall total allowing the operator to track numerous jobs in a period of work.

Unit of Measure

The ability for each input used to display information using imperial and metric units.

12 Ports

A total of 12 ports available which are split between monitoring and control^ functions. (^control version only)

Custom Screen

Arrange front page to your liking…. You select what you want to show on each line.

Remote Run/Hold

The Jackal can be put ‘on hold’ by the operator or by a suitable signal switch from the machinery implement.

Easy Calibrations

Auto calculate or manually set calibration factors.

Easy Termination

Sensors are simply terminated into the rear of the unit or a handy 5m + 5m Jackal harness & optional junction box can also be provided.

Build a Jackal Kit
Your Way!

At Farmscan you can order your Jackal any old way. With or without sensors, GPS or ground speed sensor – we don’t mind. If you still dont know what to order - give us a call on 1300 327 672.


Monitor Version

  • All Monitor Unlocked
  • No Spray Control
  • No Batch Control
  • Remote Run/Hold Enabled
  • All other Outputs Disabled


Control Version

  • All Monitor & Control Ports Unlocked
  • Spray Control Enabled
  • Batch Control Enabled
  • Variable Voltage Control Enabled
  • All Outputs Enabled

The Jackal is available in Monitor & Controller unlock levels – if you are unsure, please contact Farmscan directly on 1300 327 672 to discuss your options.

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