Quad HD Monitor Kit

Quad HD Monitor Kit

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The all new Quad HD Camera Monitoring System provides you with the ability to monitor exactly what is happening around you.

Gaining better control and peace of mind that the bin behind you is full, the chain drive is still turning and delivering fertiliser or seed to the ground. - The uses for our camera system are endless.

The HD Quad Cameras' robustness and ability to endure all Australian weather conditions makes it an essential part of any farming operation.

Easy to install and operate, the cameras have in-built infra-red LED’s allowing them to see in dark and dusty conditions.

Kit Includes : 

  • 7" HD (720p) Quad Monitor v3 (Single cable solution) OR
  • 9" HD (720p) Quad Monitor v3 (Single cable solution)
  • 1x Monitor Bracket / Fan Style
  • 1x Monitor Bracket / U Style
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Power & Camera Cable
  • 2x HD (720p) Camera
  • 2x 10m Extension Cable

NB : This model will also work with old style Farmscan 3101 standard Cameras. However - The new style HD monitor does not allow for mix/match of old and new cameras. The monitor allows you to select CVBS or 720P only. If you are unsure - please give us a call/email of FB Message to discuss further.

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