ISOBUS Seeder Control

ISOBUS pneumatic
seeders & applicators

  • Supports up to 6 bins/hoppers simultaneously.
  • Liquid application also supported with electric pumps and injection systems.
  • Compatible with both Unipod and Powerpod ECU’s.
  • Full task control and variable rate mapping support across all 6 bins/hoppers.
  • Control micro seed applicators – electric motor with encoder & electric or hydraulic fan.
  • Automatic weight calibration of products using load cell technology.
  • Supports up to 12 additional controls, including hydraulic functions and external lights.
  • Variable seed depth measurement to ensure seeds are placed at the correct depth.
  • Pressure monitoring inside sealed Tanks/Hoppers.
  • Full seed blockage sensing support, all ISOBUS compatible, up to 256 sensors.
ISOBUS Seeder Control

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