Say goodbye to dust-covered optical sensors. The acoustic sensors in your Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor function like a stethoscope, instantly detecting blockages or reduced seed flow, anywhere on the implement. Multiple sensor options allow the system to easily adapt to nearly any rig or application:


Intelligent Ag Solutions Becomes Precision Planting

The Intelligent Ag Solutions brand has been retired. The seeder and spreader products are now available through Precision Planting dealers and existing sales channels. This change has no effect on our ability to sell and service the product.
We will now be known as a Precision Planting dealer.


The Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor provides reliable, versatile machine monitoring technology to improve precision in every pass. Unlike traditional optical sensors, our patented acoustic sensors monitor the sound of the seed flow so you can depend on accurate readings even if the sensors get dusty. The system is easy-to-install and can adapt to nearly any brand of equipment for a variety of applications. Its software is compatible with your iPad to provide a simple, user-friendly interface that displays all manifold runs and gives you an audible alert if a run becomes blocked.

2 Year ECU Warranty

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3 Year Sensor Warranty

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How does it work?



Say goodbye to dust-covered optical sensors. The acoustic sensors are more durable. They function like a stethoscope to instantly detect blockages or reduced seed flow anywhere on the implement.


Adapts to nearly any rig including Ausplow, Gason, Horwood, Simplicity, John Deere, Case IH, Seedhawk, Amity, Horsch, Flexi-Coil, and more including dual-band and mid-row banders. Other applications include dry fertilizer applicators, deep banders, strip-till units, and box drills. There are multiple sensor options, product-types, and rates.


It’s easy to use. One screen shows which runs on specific manifolds are blocked as soon as the blockage occurs, with an audible alert triggered. Simply download the Recon App from the iTunes store and start reaping what you sow today!

More than just a Blockage Monitor

See RECON in action!

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See RECON in action!


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