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Sensor, Inline 1.25" (Ver. 2)

Sensor, Inline 1.25" (Ver. 2)


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  • This item is a singular component of a whole kit
  • If you require this item, please contact your dealer or Farmscan
  • Sensor, Inline 1.25" (Ver. 2)
  • Wireless Blockage Sensors: Our sensors function like a stethoscope,
    resulting in a more durable solution for real seeding conditions.
  • As seeds leave the manifold, they impact a stainless steel
    membrane, creating small pulses of sound.
  • These pulses are monitored by the electronic control unit (ECU), and information is relayed wirelessly to the cab where it’s displayed on an Apple iPad
  • Install videos and further information can be found on our website. 


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