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Proximity Switch

Proximity Switch

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  • Proximity Sensor Only - Allows speed pickup or rpm off any moving metal part (eg bolt head) 
  • NPN Style (Square 200mAmp)
  • Yellow End
  • M12 Thread
  • 4mm Sensor Distance
  • 10-30VDC
  • 3 Wire (Power, Ground, Signal)
  • Packard Connector
  • Detachable tail from sensor
  • Locking nuts
  • AH-300 - Mounting bracket
  • Used in Jackal-Area, Jackal-Tach & Jackal-Monitor kits.
  • Can be used with any older Farmscan equipment.
  • Please note that this 3 wire & requires a power input. The Jackal can provide 12v out.
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