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WBM ECU Kit W/O Harness (14 Port)

WBM ECU Kit W/O Harness (14 Port)


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  • This item is a singular component of a whole kit
  • If you require this item, please contact your dealer or Farmscan
  • WBM ECU Kit Without Harness (14 Port)
  • Wireless Blockage Monitor - ECU.
    Because the system doesn’t rely on
    optical or electromechanical technology,
    you’re better protected from the dust,
    debris and residues that are an accuracy killing
    fact of life on the farm.
  • The vast majority of failures in seeder monitors involve a wire
  • So we eliminated the wires between the ECU and display.
    Wi-Fi technology and robust rubber tubing take bad connections out
    of play and bring your productivity to new heights.
  • Install videos and further information can be found on our website. 


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