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Baler Moisture Tester Plus

Baler Moisture Tester Plus

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The 2178 Baler Moisture Tester Plus has advanced dual-sensor technology for greater overall accuracy while baling hay with square or round balers. The Baler Moisture Tester Plus mounts in the cab of the tractor and provides a direct readout for % moisture while baling hay.

Having multiple moisture content readings during each step of the haymaking process is critical to finishing with a high quality product.

Due to the many variables associated with hay moisture measurements an occasional "spot check" using a handheld probe on finished bales is recommended. Check out our Digital Hay Moisture Probe or our Advanced Hay, Straw and Silage Digital Tester.

Spare parts available if required:

  • 218X-SEC - Baler Sensor Extension Cable - 3M
  • 2177-SC - Baler (2177) Moisture Sensor Cable - 7.6M (LGE EYELET)
  • 2178-SC - Baler (2178) Moisture Sensor Cable - 9.1M (SML EYELET)
  • 2178-S - Baler (2178) Replacement Sensor Pad & Screws (1 only)
  • 2178-SS - Replacement screws etc for for nylon pads 
  • 2178-PC - Baler (217X) Power Cable - 3M
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  • Bale type: small square and round
  • Multi-sensor technology takes readings from the left, right and middle of the bale for greater overall accuracy
  • Average of readings updated and displayed every 3 seconds
  • Large, illuminated LCD display and keypad for easy viewing during day or night
  • ± Moisture offset adjustments
  • Adjustable high/ low limit of moisture reading
  • Firmware/calibration curves upgradable via standard USB


  • Moisture range: 8% to 30% depending on baler type use
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored hay
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • Includes the following items in the kit:
    • Display module
    • 3m power cable
    • Two sensor pads
    • Two 10m sensor cables
    • Twelve sensor cable ties
    • Mounting Hardware
    • USB Cable

Watch the product in action!

    Looking to purchase a Farmscan Baler Moisture Meter, but want to see it in action?
    Here are a few videos from around the globe showing the unit in use or being installed.


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